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With your help, we can preserve the William Tennent House for our local community and beyond!


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You can also donate to The William Tennent House Association through Give Send Go, a Christian based crowdfunding service. Click this link to make a donation to our campaign.

Volunteers are always welcome and appreciated!

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If you are interested in volunteering please fill out the form below and we will contact you with more information.

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We need like-minded individuals like you with a similar desire to help preserve local American History! Follow the “Become a Member” link to learn more and find out how you can aid this cause! We thank you so much for your help!

ShopRite Save-A-Tape Program

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WTHA is now participating in the Warminster ShopRite’s Save-A-Tape program. To participate, write “William Tennent House Association” on your receipt and place it in the brown collection box mounted on the wall opposite register 6, and we will receive a 1% credit of the total receipts collected. This program is only valid at the ShopRite of Warminster located at 942 W. Street Rd. in the Town Center shopping center. You can also request a duplicate receipt while at the store if needed. Milk, lottery ticket, cigarette, and drug prescription purchases are excluded from the program.